Special Education

Affinity Group Field Support Center Special Education Team Mission

The AGFSC Special Education Team supports all Affinity schools to develop strong practices around Special Education. Through a tiered system of professional learning opportunities, including liaison sessions, coaching cycles, support visits, strategically designed workshops, and multiple forms of communication, we build facilitative leadership in school administrators, teachers, related service providers, and paraprofessionals. We foster open communication between all stakeholders resulting in trusting relationships among parents, schools, and our team.

The AGFSC Special Education Team strives to raise awareness of the needs of students with disabilities and strengthen inclusive mindsets in our schools ensuring students with disabilities receive individually tailored, high quality services in the least restrictive environment.

Additional Resources

6 Steps to Successful Co-Teaching.doc

9 types of adaptations.doc

Academic instruction for students with ADHD.pdf

Accommodations manual.pdf

Accommodations Reference Sheet.doc

Accomodations cheat sheet.doc

Adapting Textbooks.pdf

Advantages of co-teaching.pdf

Assessing Students for a Disability.pdf

Attention and behavior difficulties.doc

Behavioral interventions for ADHD.doc

Behavior crisis managment tools.doc

Behavior Intervention called Points for Grumpy.pdf

Behavior management series.doc

Chapter 408 DOE memo.doc

Cheslea HS level 1 voc assessment.pdf

Classroom accomodations for students with ADHD.pdf

Classroom management for special ed classrooms.doc

Classroom management techniques - ADHD.pdf

Classwork & Homework Troubleshooting Student Problems From Start to Finish.pdf

College for Your Child with a Learning Disbility.pdf

Components of a Successful SETSS Program.pdf

Coordinated set of transition activities guide.pdf

Co-teaching at the secondary level.pdf

Co-teaching observation thoughts for math lesson.pdf

Co-Teaching Resources for Administrators.pdf

Co-Teaching Resources for Teachers.pdf

Data Driven Decision Making.pdf

Differentiated Activity on Photosynthesis.docx

Differentiated Learning Contract #1.docx

Differentiated Learning Contract #2.docx

Differentiation Scenario Handout.docx

Diploma requirements worksheet.doc

Directions for filling out Considerations Form.pdf

Directions to upload Considerations, FBA, and BIP to SESIS.pdf

Ed benefits form 8.14.13.docx

Educating Students with Disabilities.pdf

Educating Students with Emotional & Behavioral Disorders.pdf

Educating Students with Learning Disabilities.pdf

Effective Teaching Strategies for Students with LD.pdf

Effective Thematic Instruction.pdf

Emotional and behavior disorder.doc

Encouraging Student Academic Motivation.pdf

End of year checklist.docx

FBA/BIP Process Checklist.pdf

FBA/BIP Process Flow Chart.pdf

Form 10 Competing Behaviors Pathway.pdf

Form 11 Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP).docx

Form 12 Implementation Plan for BIP.pdf

Form 13 Teaching Behavior & Social Skills Lesson Plan Template.pdf

Form 14a Progress Monitoring Teacher's Daily Chart of Problem Behavior & Alternative Replacement Behavior.pdf

Form 14b Progress Monitoring Teacher's Weekly Chart of Problem Behavior & Alternative Replacement Behavior (30.pdf

Form 14c Progress Monitoring Teacher's Daily Chart of Problem Behavior & Alternative Replacement Behavior.pdf

Form 15 Progress Monitoring Weekly Data Summary of Frequency, Intensity, Duration, &or Latency.pdf

Form 1 Considerations of a Student's Need for Positive Behavior Supports

Form 1 Considerations of a Student's Need for Positive Behavior Supports, FBA, or BIP.docx

Form 2 Assigning Roles on the Team.pdf

Form 3 FBA Parent/Guardian Interview

Form 5 Functional Assessment for Teacher & Staff (Facts)

Form 7 ABC Chart.pdf

Form 7a Three Graphs Frequency, Intensity, Duration, Latency.pdf

Form 8 Verifying the Hypothesis.pdf

Form 9 Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA).docx

Functional Behavioral Assessment Observation Form.pdf

Guided Notes.pdf

Helpful Books and Websites about Differentiated Instruction.docx

HS SPED toolkit.pdf

ICT Planning Guides.docx

IEP Cheat Sheet.docx

IEP verification.doc

Implementation of Co-Teaching Observation Form.doc

Learning disabilities.doc

Learning Style Assessment Document Part 2.doc

Learning Style Assessment Document Part I.doc

Level I voc. assessment- Parent interview.pdf

Level I voc. assessment- Student interview.pdf

Level I voc. assessment -Teacher Quest..pdf

LTA Letters English.doc

LTA Letters Spanish.pdf

NY state work based learning manual.doc

Options after HS for youths with disabilities.pdf

Parent letter.doc

Parent questionnaire.doc

PowerPoint Presentation on Differentiated Instruction.pptx

Reducing Behavior Problems.pdf

Research supported strategies chart.docx

Role of family in transition process.pdf

Role of IEP team members.pdf

Rubric for Evaluating an ICT Class.pdf

Sample invite to agency for IEP meeting.pdf

School wide stategy - Hyperactivity.pdf

School-Wide Strategies for Managing Mathematics.pdf

School Wide Strategies for Managing Reading.pdf

Session #1: Chapter 408 At a Glance

Session #1: Chapter 408 Memo to Principals

Session #1: Chapter 408 Tracking Forms

Session #1: Identifying a POP.doc

Session #1: Pupil Personnel Team.pdf

Session #1: School Implementation Team_20152016.pdf

Session #1: Transition Planning Team.pdf

Session #2: Analysis of IEP Reviews

Session #2: Norming Assessment for IEP Review.pdf

Session #2: Sample SIT Action Plan.pdf

Session #2: SIT Action Plan Template.docx

Session #3: Attention- Deficit_Hyperactivity Disorder.pdf

Session #3: Autism Spectrum Disorders.pdf

Session #3: Autism Spectrum Disorders.pdf

Session #3: Deaf-Blindness.pdf

Session #3: Deafness and Hearing Loss.pdf

Session #3: Developmental Delay (1).pdf

Session #3: effect of disability.pub

Session #3: Emotional Disturbance.pdf

Session #3: instructional relevance sorting.docx

Session #3: Intellectual Disabilities.pdf

Session #3: Learning Disabilities.pdf

Session #3: Modified Tuning Protocol for Collegial Review of Action Plans.docx

Session #3: Other Health Impairment.pdf

Session #3: Speech & Language Impairments.pdf

Session #3: Traumatic Brain Injury.pdf

Session #3: Visual Impairments, including Blindness.pdf

Session #4: All About Money 8 5x11.pdf

Session #4: Building Maintaining 8 5x11.pdf

Session #4: CDOS standards.pdf

Session #4: Community Soc Serv 8 5x11.pdf

Session #4: Culinary Food Services 8 5x11 rearranged.pdf

Session #4: Recording Observable Behavior.docx

Session #4: SEL competencies.pub

Session #5: CSE guidance-June2014.pdf

Session #5: Guidance on FAPE.pdf

Session #5: NCSC Brief.pdf

Session #5: templates for developing ccls goals.pdf

Session #6: Guiding IEP Teams LRE Mandate.pdf

Session #6: Implementation of Self-Assessment.docx

Session #6: Inclusion self-assessment (1).pdf

Session #6: Revising Annual Goals (2).docx

Session #7: flex schedule_ to do list_ timeline.docx

Session #7: Knowing your staff and resources.pdf

Session #7: Mock Student Data.xlsx

Session #7: Operational and Cultural Planning_ Summer Planning-Five Brainstorm Questions.doc

Session #7: Two Step Summer Planning.doc

Session #7: Worksheet for Mock Student Data Planning Activity.xlsx

Session #8: Golden Rule Para Article.pdf

Session #8: Guidelines Para SPED Field Advisory.pdf

Six Models for Collaborative Team Teaching.doc

Special Educatyion Regulations.pdf

Standard Operating Procedure Manual.pdf

Strategies for Differentiating Instruction in Grades K-8.docx

Student exit summary.doc

Student invitation letter.pdf

Student invite.doc

Success bank account - Blank form.pdf

Team plan guide.doc

Teams on Track How are we doing as an ICT Team.pdf

Test access and accommodations manual.pdf

The Step-by-Step Guide to Building Confidence In the Classroom.doc

Think-Tac-Toe Activity.docx

Tiered Activity for Writing a Persuasive Essay.docx

Tips & Strategies for Co-Teaching at the Secondary Level.pdf

Tips for Building Student Motivation.pdf

Tools to Build Student Text and Lecture Comprehension.pdf

Transition activities timeline.pdf

Transition and the IEP.ppt

Transition IEP checklist.doc

Transition planning timeline.doc

Transition planning tool.pdf

Transition resources for tlc's.doc

Transition services.doc

Using Curriculum-Based Measurements to Assess Reading The Cultural Connections of Diverse Students with Learning Disabilities.pdf

VESID referral packet.pdf

Weekly curriculum accommodations.doc

What's My Style What's Your Style Working Together as Partners.pdf

What does Differentiated Instruction Look Like in a Math Lesson.docx

What does Differentiated Instruction Look Like in a Reading Lesson.docx

What does Differentiated Instruction Look Like in a Science Lesson.docx

What Parents Can Do to Help Their Child Succeed in School.pdf

Writing transition goals.pdf