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Best Practices: Personnel Committee Interviews

Interviews should be scheduled after school hours on a day convenient to the members of the Committee. If you do not have qualified applicants for a specific position, you should continue to seek potential applicants. It is more important to find the best people than to fill every position immediately.

  • Each applicant should receive both the “Executive Summary” of the school proposal and the criteria.
  • Applicants who are not being offered interviews should be informed of that fact.
  • The leader should seek volunteers from among the Committee to ask each of the common questions during the interview, so as to not dominate “air time”. Follow up questions are acceptable, but the time frame for the interviews should be respected.
  • After each applicant has been interviewed, the Committee members should complete their worksheets and there should be a short discussion of the candidate’s qualifications. It may be helpful to complete one worksheet per applicant by consensus in order to represent the full Committee’s view.
  • At the conclusion of the interviews, the Committee should attempt to reach a consensus on each applicant.
  • Keep a list of possible alternative candidates for positions. Unexpected circumstances often cause unanticipated vacancies.
  • Keep a copy of all Committee materials. It is possible that rejected candidates could file a grievance (although that is rare) and you will need evidence of the Committee’s deliberations and the basis for the offer or rejection.

Best Practices: Creating a Personnel Hiring Committee

The leader should attempt to schedule the first meeting of the Personnel Committee at the convenience of its members. The meeting should be procedural in nature and at the conclusion everyone should be clear on (1) which applicants will be scheduled for interviews, (2) how interviews will be conducted, (3) when/where interviews will take place, and (4) how decisions will be made.

The leader should present the Personnel Committee members with packets of information, including:

  • A summary of the school’s basic concepts (perhaps an “Executive Summary” from the Proposal)
  • A Personnel Committee Worksheet which lists the approved criteria, a column for meets/does not meet, and a column for additional comments
  • Three or four questions to be asked of all applicants and which are cross-referenced to the criteria
  • A list of the specific positions which are being sought (teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, secretaries, UFT paras)
  • Copies of resumes of applicants who appear to meet the criteria
  • Copies of resumes of applicants who do not appear to meet the criteria with supporting rationale
  • A proposal for the interview process (interviewing only those candidates whose applications appear to meet the criteria; keeping each interview to a reasonable period of time with the understanding certain applicants may require more or less time).

The leader should go over the packet with the Personnel Committee members, answer questions, ask if there are suggested revisions to the proposed process, and seek to have the full process approved by consensus.

Assuming the proposed process is agreed upon, review the applications that based on the proposed process would not warrant an interview; i.e.: those applications that (1) do not meet the posting criteria, (2) are not certified teachers, or (3) are seeking a position that is not available at the new school. If a member presents rationale that a candidate from this group should be interviewed, that applicant should be scheduled for an interview. If there is only one qualified applicant for a specific position, the Committee may determine that no interview is necessary and an offer may be extended to that applicant.