Affinity Crisis Team

The Affinity Crisis Team

In an effort to support proactive planning for emergency situations, the Affinity FSC team is establishing an Affinity-wide crisis team to help provide crisis counseling to students in cases where the need extends beyond the resources available to a specific school and when requested by a principal. This is an excellent opportunity to build the leadership capacity of your counseling staff and help them develop a global perspective of school support. This brief FAQ outlines key information about the work of this new team.

What is the vision for the Affinity Crisis Team?

The Affinity Crisis Team is a trained group of school-based counselors and social workers who are available to provide support to students in response to a crisis. Crisis team members will be assigned to support a school within the borough in which they work on a rotational basis, for a maximum number of 3 times/days a year. Assignments are activated by the FSC and will take place with a day’s notice.

How will the members of the crisis team be identified?

Principals are asked to nominate counselors/social workers who are ready to take on additional challenges and are interested in joining the Affinity Crisis Team. The crisis team will consist of experienced school counselors with strong interpersonal skills, strong counseling ability, and a willingness to assume this responsibility.

How many counselors/social workers will form the Affinity Crisis Team?

The Affinity team is looking for a total of 15 team members, approximately three per borough. After a short screening process, which will take place after school hours, we will select Affinity Crisis Team members and begin their training. We project that the team will be ready to respond to its first crisis by the beginning of November.

What does the work look like on a typical response day?

In collaboration with the principal of the affected school and the FSC team leader, school counselors/social workers on the Affinity Crisis Team will provide additional individual and group counseling to students, identify students for follow-up, and regularly communicate with the FSC team leader and the school leader of the affected school while providing on-site support as part of a coordinated response to a specific crisis.

How often will the crisis team meet and receive training and support?

The Affinity Crisis Team will meet three times per year (October, February and June) from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM for 3 full days of trainings and to receive “care for the care givers.” Deployed crisis team members will debrief with an on-site FSC team member at the end of the day in which the member is part of a coordinated team response.

Principals may access the nomination form here:

Thank you for your support with this important initiative.