Affinity Group Field Support Center
In July 2015 Chancellor Fariña announced the opening of eight Field Support Centers, with the goal of each center providing high-quality, differentiated support in instruction, operations, and student services as well as support for English Language Learners and students with special needs. As part of the DOE's commitment to "Strong Schools, Strong Communities", the Affinity Field Support Center provides streamlined support to principals, teachers, and school staff from 160+ schools to ensure college and career success for all students.

         Introducing the Affinity Crisis Team
In an effort to support proactive planning for emergency situations, the Affinity FSC team is establishing an Affinity-wide crisis team to help provide crisis counseling to students in cases where the need extends beyond the resources available to a specific school and when requested by a principal. 

   Affinity Fellows
Affinity Fellows continues in its second year. This year’s fellowship is designed to develop excellent teachers’ pedagogy and leadership skills and will focus on productive struggle​—specifically, how to support students in engaging with rigorous, standards-based content both independently and collaboratively.